Lean Digital Consulting

What We Do

  • Automation
  • Web Applications
  • Data Engineering & Machine Learning
  • Websties Wordpress Alternatives

Our Approach

We understand startups, SMEs and larger organisations often have different needs.
We believe in agile project management and shipping Minimal Viable Product early on and iterative development.

Our Process

1. Initial Free Consult

We identify the pain points and business incentives of your project.

2. Initial Plan

Depending on the likely complexity, we use a mix of meetings, emails and scoping day to identify an initial plan

3. Implementation & Rollout

We implement the product with your feedbacks and roll it out iteratively

4. Post Launch

Post-launch, we provide technical support and maintenace, with some hours provided as part of the build


Felix Kam, Principal

  • Ex Microsoft US, PwC & Data61(CSIRO)
  • Founder of dotd, a venture funded startup that has secured Jobs For NSW's MVP Grant.
  • LinkedIn


We work with

  • Experienced Designers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Subcontracted developers and data scientists.


We use opne source and well maintained technologies, and find the best tool for the job instead of seeing everything as a nail just because we have hammer.

We generally prefer the followign stack:
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Bootstrap
  • SQL
  • Gatsby
  • GraphQL
  • AWS